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aeroMaster 10 DD
direct drive turbine plattform

Our new development is in process.
Joint Development

AEROVIDE is participating in 2 projects:
10 MW direct and hybrid drive turbine
aeroMaster 4.X turbine platform

The latest model of our onshore turbine
platform is ready for licensing.
27 Complete designs since 1983

Benefit from our outstanding experience
in wind energy. 
45 GW installed and 12 % market share

A clear evident of the success of wind turbines
developed by AEROVIDE.
The Multibrid-Technology

One of many innovative turbine concepts
developed by AEROVIDE.
5 Offshore turbine designs

You can trust on our experience in the future
market of offshore wind energy.

We provide wind technology

The AEROVIDE team has taken on technological challenges since the early days of modern wind energy technology and has played a key role in the successful development of many cutting-edge wind turbine concepts for onshore and offshore markets since many decades.

Wind power harvesting with optimized, efficient and reliable wind power plants

Our work focuses on the needs of our customers. Optimized, efficient, reliable onshore and offshore wind power plants in line with market conditions can be developed only by those who understand and incorporate the requirements of their customers. The AEROVIDE team has been working together with leading wind turbine manufacturers successfully for many decades in order to pursue this goal.

Wind energy converted by innovative technology

To date, AEROVIDE's wind engineering has made substantial contributions to the development of numerous types of wind turbine generators and conducted a wide range of successful overall developments. AEROVIDE has produced many innovative concepts and developments which have influenced the state-of-the-art. Today, wind turbines developed by AEROVIDE can be found on all five continents and they are a reliable, eco-friendly source of renewable energy production.

Overall systems or components have been developed and calculated for numerous manufacturers and the required certification documents produced. Very differing system concepts ranging between 5 kW and 10 MW have been implemented in the course of such wind energy projects.

To solve its multifarious design, optimization and calculation tasks, AEROVIDE has developed special processes and converted these into efficient computer software. Constant further development ensures their state-of-the-art at all times.

Wind generators and rotor blades as License Products

The combination of aeroMaster and AEblade, our license products, is our reliable design basis. These two products combined offer a wide range of variety in wind turbine technology to our customers, so they can meet all the market demand on wind power in a very flexible and efficient way.

Furthermore, AEROVIDE is there to assist its customers when implementing the engineering documents for the prototype. AEROVIDE specialists do this by supporting and supervising its workshop assembly, workshop commissioning, installation at the site and commissioning there. This guarantees that the design specifications are implemented during the assembly and operation of the prototype.

Decades of experience in wind energy projects

The commitment of qualified employees and their years of experience form the basis for cutting-edge engineering services, from development and certification up to series production status. AEROVIDE offers comprehensive support to wind power plants and component manufacturers in all fields of wind energy technology to produce even more reliable, efficient and cost-effective wind turbines.